Monday, June 16, 2008

No internet for you

I’ve just returned from a great vacation (link to some pictures will be available soon).
During this week I found how much we depend on the internet. I’m not referring to emails, IMs or facebook ‘twittering’ but to elementary stuff like checking the weather in your next day site, checking opening hours of a park/zoo or getting recommendations for a spontaneous route.
Mobile phones started to provide solutions for being away from a computer and allow you being online wherever you go. Anyhow, it reminded me a nice episode of South-Park. If you like their humor check episode S12E06 ‘Over Logging’

1 comment:

Gaurav said...

Hi Yossi,
Nice to know that you are also a south park fan and also the fact that although mobile phone offer conectivity they sorely lack the ability when you are out of your home network :(